New Citroën Berlingo



With New Berlingo, the Citroën brand is upgrading an icon in the leisure activity vehicle segment, which it created nearly 22 years ago. Berlingo is a benchmark model, to the point that its name is used in some countries to refer to its segment, in the same way that "googling" is used to refer to a web search. It is a major player in the segment, one in which it has innovated over time to stand apart and remain the leader on versatility and practicality, for example with the introduction of three independent rear seats, the Modutop® multifunction roof and the opening rear window tailgate. It has been successfully transformed to bring motorists more style and comfort and dynamic on-road behaviour. Berlingo is as successful as ever, with the second-generation PC + LCV model launched in 2008 being produced in more units in 2017 than ever before (over 165,000), following what was already a record year in 2016. The top-selling Citroën model in nearly 17 countries in 2017, Berlingo remains the Brand's best seller behind C3. In Europe, it is the second best-selling leisure activity vehicle and remains top-three in its segment as an LCV. In all, since launch in 1996, it has been produced in more than 3.3 million units.

With the third-generation passenger-car version of Berlingo, Citroën today is unveiling a major model both for the Brand and for its segment. The ever-fashionable vehicle is a smart buy for families and seniors, who find it a perfect partner for their active lifestyle in all its forms. Forming a community attached to a different, appealing and unostentatious car, they are seeking spaciousness, practicality and simplicity while also looking for more style, comfort and modernity. New Citroën Berlingo is faithful to the Brand's new baseline, "Inspired by you", and honours it with design and comfort.


New Citroën Berlingo is more modern than ever and boasts the robust and forceful attitude of a go-anwyhere vehicle while losing none of its fresh and offbeat personality:

Different body styling with a more forward-set windscreen and a higher and shorter front end, achieved notably through the adoption at the front end of the EMP2 platform, making for a shorter front overhang,

A front end consistent with the identity of the Citroën brand with the two-tiered light signature and personalised and rounded front fog lights,

Flowing body styling marked by consummately worked sides, Airbump® on doors bottoms, and a vanishing point behind the roof that lends the body extra vitality, An uncluttered, typically Citroën interior with an airy dashboard and several interior ambiances, Personalisation with touches of colour : Color Packs White or Orange (XTR pack)

Two sizes, M and XL, with body lengths of 4.40 m and 4.75 m available in 5- and 7-seater versions.

New Citroën Berlingo builds on its strong points to offer optimum everyday ease:

Outstanding modularity with three individual seats in the rear that can be removed with a simple movement in the boot using the Magic Flat® controls*. Combined with a folding front passenger seat, they provide a perfectly flat floor and a load length of up to 2.70 m for the M version and 3.05 m for the XL model,

Two wide sliding side doors equipped with descending electric windows, Class-leading boot volume, increased by 100 l to 775 l for the M version, easily accessible thanks to the opening rear window tailgate and the two heigth positions luggage cover, 28 larger and ingenious storage spaces, up to 186 litres, such as the new-generation Modutop® multifunction roof providing more light and the Top Box glove box, rendered unique thanks to the Airbag in Roof system.

New Citroën Berlingo also gains new features by adopting:

The EMP2 platform at the front end, which improves manoeuvrability (electric power steering, turning circle), optimises mass and provides for the latest driver-assistance systems. The rear part of the platform has been maintained for extra load volume and to preserve body width between the wheel arches, 19 driver-assistance technologies, including Colour head-up display, Adaptive Cruise Control with STOP function, Electric parking brake, Reversing camera with Top Rear Vision, Grip Control with Hill Assist Descent, and Trailer Stability Control, 4 connectivity technologies including 8-inch touchscreen with Citroën Connect Nav and Wireless charging for smartphone, Suspension settings benefiting from all of Citroën's know-how for peerless comfort, A broad range of high-performance engines including the new BlueHDi 1.5 and the EAT8 automatic gearbox, along with the PureTech 1.2.


Citroën's new leisure activity vehicle is a reassuring car equipped with a set of highly useful modern technologies. New Citroën Berlingo is fitted with the finest features, including 19 driver-assistance systems and manoeuvring aids. It provides high-level safety by fighting against simple moments of inattention and preventing the risk of accidents.

Colour head-up display: a system that provides the driver with useful driving information in their field of view. Projected in colour on a retractable surface, this information (speed, guidelines of the cruise control and speed limiter, etc.) is constantly available to the driver without them having to look away from the road.

Activ Lane Departure Warning System: a system that uses a camera recognising continuous and dotted lines to detect involuntary departures from longitudinal road markings. When the system detects an involuntary lane departure, the steering gradually steers the car back into its initial lane. An indicator light flashes throughout the corrective process. If the driver wishes to control the vehicle trajectory, he or she can block the corrective procedure by firmly holding the wheel (for example, when dodging another vehicle). The corrective procedure is interrupted when an indicator is activated. The system functions at speeds between 65 km/h and 180 km/h.

Driver Attention Alert: alerts drivers in the event of decreased vigilance. The system assesses the driver’s alertness by identifying trajectory anomalies in relation to road markings using a multi-function camera at the top of the windscreen. The feature is especially suited to fast lanes, at over 65 km/h.

Coffee Break Alert: tells drivers when it is time to take a break after they have driven for two hours at speeds above 65 km/h.

Extended trafic sign recognition and recommandation: automatically detects and reads certain road signs, including speed limit signs and end of speed limit signs using a multifunction camera located in the upper part of the windscreen. The image on the detected sign and the authorised maximum speed detected by the camera are displayed in the 3.5-inch colour matrix on the instrument cluster and on the head-up display surface. The information is updated when a driver passes a speed limit sign and the system also takes account of the speed limit information in the mapping of the navigation system.

Adaptive Cruise Control with STOP function (on EAT8): this system provides two functions using the multifunction camera on the upper part of the windscreen, automatically maintaining vehicle speed consistent with the driver's setting and automatically adjusting the distance between the vehicle in front of the driver. The system detects a vehicle driving in front of the car in the same direction. It automatically adjusts vehicle speed to that of the vehicle in front, using the engine brake and the braking system (in which case the stop lights activate) to maintain a constant distance:

-If the vehicle in front is moving more slowly, the system slows down (up to 30 km/h with a manual gearbox) or brings the vehicle to a complete halt (with the EAT8 automatic gearbox)

-If the vehicle in front speeds up or changes lane, the cruise control system gradually accelerates to return to the set speed

-If the driver activates the indicator to overtake a slower vehicle, the system authorises them to temporarily move closer to the vehicle in front to help them overtake it, without exceeding the set speed

Blind Spot Monitoring System: a system using a light in the wing mirrors to warn the driver if a vehicle is present in their blind spot.

Active Safety Brake: an emergency brake system that reduces the risk of collision from ahead via a sound and visual alert and braking automatically in the place of the driver if this last fails to react in a timely manner. The multi-purpose camera at the top of the windscreen detects obstacles, for example a vehicle moving in the same direction or at a standstill. When travelling at speeds between 5 km/h and 85 km/h, the system automatically works on the brakes when a risk of collision with another moving vehicle is detected. The vehicle‘s speed must not exceed 80km/h when a vehicle at a standstill is detected and must not exceed 60 km/h when the obstacle detected is a pedestrian.

Post Collision Safety Brake: a system that works on the brakes after an accident and serves to limit damage

Intelligent beam headlights: a system that automatically activates high- and low-beam headlights at night depending on the lighting conditions and surrounding traffic.


With its uncompromising blend of design, comfort and practicality, New Citroën Berlingo offers dynamic road behaviour and true driving pleasure thanks to its new lightweight and efficient platform and high-performance latest-generation engines with low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

New Berlingo is available with a range of petrol and diesel powerplants adapted to all uses, town and country. The engines deliver top-flight performance while respecting the environment.

New Citroën Berlingo also sees the introduction of an 8-speed EAT8 automatic gearbox (depending on the version) that enhances driving pleasure for all distances.

PureTech 1.2 petrol range: PureTech 110 S&S 6-speed manual and PureTech 130 S&S EAT8*

BlueHDi 1.5 Diesel range: BlueHDi 75 S&S manual, BlueHDi 100 manual, BlueHDi 100 S&S manual, BlueHDi 130 S&S 6-speed manual or EAT8

* PureTech 130 S&S EAT8 available from second-half 2019.